welcome to the world of degenerati photography.

my name is Articia and I will be your guide.

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random photo dump…

hey all, I’ve been trying to get more photos and recently I’ve been able to succeed in doing so. I’ve just started one of those 365 photo projects sorta. I’ve joined a site, http://www.todaysphotois.com and am participating in this project in order to try to not just take one picture each day, but try to find a good picture in places i might never have looked before.

the pictures i post there might not be super artistic or all that great, but half the project is finding a new subject while the other half is improving your skills. so go check it out. in the meantime…..

Band Shoot

Some photos I shot of a friend’s band for some promo posters. Photos were shot at the local abandoned train station platform in Pinckney MI.

p.s. It’s been a while eh?

I have so many photos to post but none of them are edited since my desktop crashed and is still yet to be fixed. 😦

Fortunately, Meeshi has become more mobile which means that she and I will be able to go out more and hopefully get some good shots. I also plan on helping her break in her new office set up by bringing over my backlog of photos to edit and post so look for a real update in the near future!

Flowers and faces

Finally finished going through all the wedding photos.  I have another batch to post but I have to go through and make sure I get the photos I haven’t already posted.

until then….

here’s some random shots.

This shot is quite possibly my favorite shot of the day, at least in the top 5.

Sneak preview

Here are a handful of images from the wedding I shot last Saturday. I have hundreds more to go through so look for more posts like this in the near future.

p.s. please forgive me for the random order.

wedding shoot.

I’ve had a busy busy busy week with my new camera.

went to a nifty 50’s style diner in Flint and took some photos.

I shot my first wedding! 😀 I’m pretty impressed with lots of the photos.

I’ve baked cupcakes and taken some really cute pictures of those as well.

a few furry photos of my dogs.

basically, I have around 1000 images to sort through and pull some out to post so stay tuned!