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hey all, I’ve been trying to get more photos and recently I’ve been able to succeed in doing so. I’ve just started one of those 365 photo projects sorta. I’ve joined a site, http://www.todaysphotois.com and am participating in this project in order to try to not just take one picture each day, but try to find a good picture in places i might never have looked before.

the pictures i post there might not be super artistic or all that great, but half the project is finding a new subject while the other half is improving your skills. so go check it out. in the meantime…..


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Went out to eat with a good friend of mine and asked him if he’d be willing to contribute to my portfolio. He was thrilled! He’ll be attending an event called Launch with his agency (potentil agency?) and he needs to update his portfolio as well so we’re in the works of setting up some shoots.

here’s a photo of him, he’s the short haired model on the left. I’m also hoping to work with his friend on the right but we haven’t set anything up yet. ^_^

mike and cole

mike and cole

and speaking of model mayhem, I’m working on getting an account there as well and once that happens, you’ll be able to see a bit more of an actual “portfolio” and models i’ve worked with and whatnot…oh so much more professional. haha

if anybody else in interested in setting up a shoot, LET ME KNOW! I’m willing to do TF* (if you have a great look or idea/concept) or paid (i’m cheap and easy!!). I’m willing to travel to some extent. I’m also willing to travel further or do more involved/complicated shots if certain things are paid for of course.  I do have access to a small stock of props, clothes and make-up and am more than ok with you bringing your own. I don’t mind escorts. I’m laid back and fun!!!

ya, i know that might sound a bit desperate but i’m chomping at the bit to get going on some shoots expecially before fall is over and winter turns everything monochromatic!

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