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I have so many photos to post but none of them are edited since my desktop crashed and is still yet to be fixed. 😦

Fortunately, Meeshi has become more mobile which means that she and I will be able to go out more and hopefully get some good shots. I also plan on helping her break in her new office set up by bringing over my backlog of photos to edit and post so look for a real update in the near future!


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I’ve had a busy busy busy week with my new camera.

went to a nifty 50’s style diner in Flint and took some photos.

I shot my first wedding! 😀 I’m pretty impressed with lots of the photos.

I’ve baked cupcakes and taken some really cute pictures of those as well.

a few furry photos of my dogs.

basically, I have around 1000 images to sort through and pull some out to post so stay tuned!

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head’s up kids! I just got myself a shiny new sony alpha dslr.

be on the lookout for new photos.

and BTW, for any foodies out there, I’ll be starting up a food blog dedicated to the mis-adventures of Stephanie and myself in the world of food. With lots of photo documentation!!

Check it out at


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I haven’t posted in a while, let alone made a photo update…this should hopefully be fixed soon. reasons for the lack of activity include such things as a tight budget and random schedule as well as some seasonal illness. I’m working on clearing everything up soon and getting back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Until then please feel free to review my older posts and photos and leave me comments, corrections, criticism or anything else you feel obligated to leave. And since you’re here, please take the time to fill out a poll so i have plenty of ideas for when I get back to work.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been rather busy doing things other than taking photos. I do have some exciting news though, kind of…haha

A friend of mine is moving out of state and is trying to sell or pawn off a few things to lighten the load and was kind enough to give me his old pentax and lens collection. As always, I’m excited for a nice 35mm camera, just not so excited about the cost of film. >.< oh well, I’ll figure something out.

Hopefully I’ll have some new updates soon with some new photos and the likes.

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I ordered some business cards for Meeshi and myself and they’ve shipped! ^_^

for those of you who I won’t be seeing in person feel free to take advantage of my “online version”  also, ignore the incorrect spelling of Shutter, it was 6am when I made the rough draft, I hadn’t slept yet and was going a bit cross eyed from being on the computer for so long…it’s fixed on the real cards and the weird dotted border isn’t there either, trust me…>.<

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if so then be sure to check back later tonight or tomorrow when I’ll hopefully have lots of zombie goodness for you little freaks!

Meeshi and I are getting ready to head out to the Zombie Walk & Food Drive.

There’s Prizes for the best Zombie Costume and assorted goodies to be handed out!

If you’d like to join us or wnt to be in some pictures, dress up and drive out!!!

not only will it be a blast, but it’s for a good cause, and you have the chance to be featured in the world famous Guiness Book of World Records, but Meeshi and I will be there!

The Diag in Ann Arbor at 6pm.
S. University St. next to Cafe Royale.
Show up early for registration.
EVERY zombie must register for walk so entries can be submited to Guinness World Book of Records.
Donations can be given in non-perishable food or money. All checks are to be written out to Food Gatherer’s food bank.
Food Gatherer’s will be there for all donation pick-ups.

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