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hey all, I’ve been trying to get more photos and recently I’ve been able to succeed in doing so. I’ve just started one of those 365 photo projects sorta. I’ve joined a site, http://www.todaysphotois.com and am participating in this project in order to try to not just take one picture each day, but try to find a good picture in places i might never have looked before.

the pictures i post there might not be super artistic or all that great, but half the project is finding a new subject while the other half is improving your skills. so go check it out. in the meantime…..


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Finally finished going through all the wedding photos.  I have another batch to post but I have to go through and make sure I get the photos I haven’t already posted.

until then….

here’s some random shots.

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head’s up kids! I just got myself a shiny new sony alpha dslr.

be on the lookout for new photos.

and BTW, for any foodies out there, I’ll be starting up a food blog dedicated to the mis-adventures of Stephanie and myself in the world of food. With lots of photo documentation!!

Check it out at


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if so then be sure to check back later tonight or tomorrow when I’ll hopefully have lots of zombie goodness for you little freaks!

Meeshi and I are getting ready to head out to the Zombie Walk & Food Drive.

There’s Prizes for the best Zombie Costume and assorted goodies to be handed out!

If you’d like to join us or wnt to be in some pictures, dress up and drive out!!!

not only will it be a blast, but it’s for a good cause, and you have the chance to be featured in the world famous Guiness Book of World Records, but Meeshi and I will be there!

The Diag in Ann Arbor at 6pm.
S. University St. next to Cafe Royale.
Show up early for registration.
EVERY zombie must register for walk so entries can be submited to Guinness World Book of Records.
Donations can be given in non-perishable food or money. All checks are to be written out to Food Gatherer’s food bank.
Food Gatherer’s will be there for all donation pick-ups.

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