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a while back I went on vacation with my mom and we stayed in a cozy little bed and breakfast. unfortunately for me trying to sleep, but fortunately for my camera, there were some creepy ceramic kittens on the dresser…here are the results.

and for some reason I can’t get this picture to re-size in the post or work as a thumbnail or anything really so unfortunately, here’s the kinda messed up 5th cat photo. Somewhere between uploading to the internet and posting on here, the quality of the image ran away. I promise that I have a much, much better version, it just seems that it won’t show online.


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I had a fantastic little photo adventure last night with Meeshi. unfortunately it was late when we returned and I didn’t have much time today to do much editing so here’s what I have so far.

the thumbnails are clickable and will take you to the full size image.

I’m currently sneaking in this post at work and plan on stopping by a 1-hour photo lab to get my 35mm shots onto discs so i can bring them home and play.

[the above shots were taken with a canon rebel xti]

[model in photos is Meeshi]

[first two shots are a collaborative between myself and Meeshi]

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