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I’m not quite dead yet!

life’s thrown me a few curve balls recently and it’s left me quite busy. I haven’t been able to pick up a camera and shoot anything worthwhile in quite some time.

here are a couple random images I shot of a friend while showing him how to use his new camera and a couple random shots of ava….


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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been rather busy doing things other than taking photos. I do have some exciting news though, kind of…haha

A friend of mine is moving out of state and is trying to sell or pawn off a few things to lighten the load and was kind enough to give me his old pentax and lens collection. As always, I’m excited for a nice 35mm camera, just not so excited about the cost of film. >.< oh well, I’ll figure something out.

Hopefully I’ll have some new updates soon with some new photos and the likes.

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Went adventuring with Meeshi today! Twas grand! Ann arbor is a generally busy and interesting city, lots of stuff happening that people don’t blink an eye at but surprisingly, you put two girls on the sidewalk with a camera and everybody has to ask questions. haha We had a few gawkers stop and ask if we’d take their pictures, we did, showed them how they couldn’t stand still long enough, had a laugh and went on. we danced with lights in front of churches and busy intersections, we monopolized many a sidewalk and in the end got some really great shots. we also had dinner at mongolian bbq and only paid for out sodas so our waiter got a huge tip. ^_^ all in all, great night.

anyhow, on to the photos. Just a warning, or maybe bragging rights, who knows…NONE of the photos have been edited or retouched in any way other than to frame and watermark them. end. and actually, Meeshi did the framing and watermarking cause her program is faster than me doing it by hand….What?! I’m lazy!

I may go play around later and upload them again but these are the raw images. they’re also not organized in any way. hehe, sorry


all photos taken with canon rebel xti courtesy of Meeshi

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Here are a few long exposure night shots taken at what seems to be an abandoned construction site…the water is an accidental man made pond that probably formed due to the digging for a foundation that was never filled or finished. The building you see is a sort of garage that holds an array of random tools and machine and vehicles. All these shots were taken around 2am with no flash or external lighting.


all photos taken with canon rebel xti courtesy of Meeshi

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I’ve spent the last 4 days pet sitting for a friend and had not had access to the internet during that time hence the lack of updates.

I have yet to develop those shots from brighton (-1)

however, I did take some more shots, a whole 3rd roll of film to add to my develop que (+1)

I also had an adventure with Meeshi recently and borrowed her camera for some shots so hopefully I can get those from her soon and get them up here.

Goals for the next 7 days include developing 3 rolls of film, cleaning those photos up and getting them posted, snagging the shots from the other night with Meeshi and getting those posted, having another adventure with Meeshi and hopefully getting some good shots, planning some sort of impromptu halloween creep show shoot, and seeing what i can set up for the Six Shooter halloween bash.

Whew! i’m going to be busy!

Oh! I also have some shots from last month that i took on a friend camera that I need to get from her as well as cleaning up the rest of the shots on her camera since she’s slightly camera/computer/photoshop illiterate. heh. ^_^

I promise more updates soon but until then check out the new posts over at Meeshi Sense. Meeshi just put up 2 or 3 new sets that have some really fantastic shots in there!!!

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